Recent Customer Testimonial



Thank you so much for the quality work you put into our bath conversion.  We were very impressed by your talent and the pride that you take in your work.  You also proved to work efficiently and clean throughout the whole project, and were careful to ensure we were satisfied with the results every step of the way. 

This is definitely the nicest room in the house now, and we are very happy in how it came out.

 Thanks again,

Tony and Sandy Parrotta


Hi Mike! Sally brought me to see the work you are doing. We are SO,,,SO pleased and happy with everything! I was amazed at the ramps--I thought they would be very "utilitarian"-looking, but the planking is really nice! lovely varnished wood! The ramp in the garage is perfect! Just the right height and hand circumference! Exactly what I hoped for! The ramps to the front door are just great, the planking is beautiful--, and they are fitted into the walkway so completely. Very easy to get up & down!

The bathroom is so great! The tile floor is beautiful & easy to walk on--and the shower is wonderful!! The seat is exactly the right height, easy to get onto/off, and there is plenty of room in the shower & the bathroom for my walker and for me to move around without tripping. I love!!!the colors in the bathroom--they are beautiful & are shades I really like. We can continue to look at & love them for years to come.

The new paint in the bedroom and bathroom is inspiring! Shades of white are beautiful and I love the ones you have provided for us!

Mike, no kidding! What extraordinary work for us!! Thank you ever so much for your skill and careful attention. Very best, Anne M.